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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Communication in Your Relationship

If you are a woman reading this, you will understand the title of this post. If you are a man, you will wonder why sharing pain is so important to women. It is really hard to share pain with someone you love. When we share, we expose ourselves as vulnerable.....unsure of the outcome. No one wants to be vulnerable, especially not in a world that teaches us to look out for number one. However, we must get back to CREATOR's way of doing things. All through the Bible, you read about how people were tested, hurt, had to forgive and the process started all over again.

This weekend someone that I love hurt me deeply. Often times it is just a simple misunderstanding. Be that as it may, when it comes to affairs of the heart, it is clear that no matter what there will always be an element of pain. I found that writing about my experiences help me work through them and get on with life. Today's post is just a small reminder how important communication is to any relationship, but also a reminder that with that communication can come pain and rejection. I know that prayer can change things, so if you have been hurt (and you will if you don't feel its sting today), I say pray because only the CREATOR can give you peace of mind and quiet of spirit.

Women it is okay not to have the last word, men it is okay to show some emotions with your wife and let her know just how important she is too you. This week's post will be dedicated to relationships. Relationships need to strengthened in an effort to get us back on track as a people. The deterioration of the world is due to the lack of commitment and understanding about what a relationship is. I personally am going to strive to give all my relationships the time and attention that they need. I can be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, worker, minister, writer and pianist. I just want to be a better person.

Are you striving for a better relationship today? if not, make that a goal and see how your situation will change.

peace and love

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why We Lie

I was thinking today...why do we as people lie?

In my humble opinion, I think we as black people lie because we are insecure about who we are on the inside. We are afraid to let people see the real us. Each of us are actually three people:
1. the person we want people to think we are
2. who we really are
3. who people think we are

I think it is time to lay down the false pretenses and strive to be honest at all times. I think that you can always strive to be tactful in your handling of others, but now is the time to work hard to make our word bond. Our word is the only real thing that we have.

Lying does nothing but make people doubt who you are and what you tell them. Most importantly, how can we expect others to trust us when we lie to GOD on a regular basis. GOD if you get me out of this situation, I promise not to do this or that. I will never call him or her ever again.

All lying kills a potential or a established relationship that you have with another person. Strive to let your word be your bond, accept your own and be yourself.

Peace and love